A New Dimension to Early Years Learning

Classroom Lofts are an exciting new way to enhance learning and development for children in their formative Early Years. They provide that extra bit of space in your classroom at the same time as providing an additional teaching and learning environment. This can be either for a quiet one on one, for small groups or for class play time. Whatever the use, our classroom lofts enable children to be absorbed in their own imaginative play.

Stimulating Imaginative Play

  1. Now it's a ... let the children make the Loft a Fire Station; or a Garden Centre; or a Hospital. The children will find endless ways to enjoy role play which stimulates group activity and themed play with friends.
  2. Now it's a ... Nativity set; or an Easter display; or an Autumn Colours collection. Use the Loft to bring the year to life for your class.
  3. Now its a ... Designated area where children can snuggle down in a bean bag with a book from the shelves around them.

Classroom Lofts help bring out the best in children, firing their imagination and encouraging active participation in your teaching. The children undeniably find Lofts fun; this sense of enjoyment is yours to be channelled into positive early years learning development.

Years Of Learning Potential

  • Built to the most exacting safety and durability standards
  • From a business with more than 20 years experience in supplying to the education sector